Your specific needs direct our choice of delivery style and range of techniques. The scope of options include:

PI Consultancy
PI® is a professional tool which gives you the power and knowledge to better motivate, lead, and utilize your people to achieve your company’s goals. Your only sustainable
competitive advantage lies in your ability to capitalize on your greatest and most important asset – your people.

Our training is based on the principle of “you learn best by doing.” The training days and
workshops are all about the 3Eʼs: energy, engagement and enjoyment.
Leadership Development Programs
Team Excellence Programs
Change Management Programs
Creating a Culture of High Performance Programs

Coaching 121 and Group
Coaching is one of the most valuable tools that exists to create change and improve performance. 70% of Fortune 500 companies stated that personal coaching is 1 of the
TOP 3 ways to improve the performance of an executive and thereby increase organisational productivity.

Mentoring is widely accepted as an integral part of the artillery to support both personal and business growth. It is a very effective solution in supporting a person to make
significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking.

Sometimes what is required most is an objective set of eyes. Our experience ensures that your team can achieve clarity, make decisions and achieve better results more easily.

Inspirational Speeches
Words have the power to move the passive into action. Words can create and words can destroy. We are all story tellers – delivering an inspiring story, to empower and inspire your
organisation, can be just the catalyst required to ignite change.

Strategic Games
How we play games reflects how we play life! Research shows that we learn best when we are not pressurized to learn. Games incorporated into our programs are a powerful tool used to identify and to embed the key learning points.