Why Sattva

Sattva is totally focused on what you will do differently as a result of our work together. Finding the time and the money is the easy part. It is the consistent application, of what you learn, that requires discipline and commitment.

Sattva supports you with frameworks and structure to unleash your true potential,however, it is you alone who walks your journey. “It is the doing not the knowing that creates lasting change.” (Deirdre Keane)

Sattva programs are based on science, simplicity and common sense. Our approach gives you clarity on what you really want and why. Our resources assures you that you will get everything you need to specifically identify what needs to positively change in your life or business and how you will find and sustain your inner strength.

Sattva programs always include metrics and a full program impact report. This is critical to ensuring, that throughout all stages, the program is delivering on the agreed objectives.